Saturday, September 4, 2010

Card-Giving Day

Friday, Sept. 3, 2010, was the 1st card-giving day for this school year in my sons' school. Of course, parents are more excited that their kids! It's "the day" we are going to find some fruits for our labor. "The day" we are going to be rated (in my own opinion).

It's my job to get all my kids report cards and have a talk with their school advisers.

I'm just soooo happy to know that all of my three (3) boys have a "CONDUCT AWARD" each for having a good behavior in school!

And to top it all, Kevin and Phoebo got an "ACADEMIC AWARD" for showing exemplary performance academically!

I would like to make mention of my Kevin. He's the only one who got a perfect score in their 1st quarter exam in Math and got the bonus question correctly among all grade 5 students. With that, he got a 98% in his report card in Math. Congrats, Kev!

We are so proud of you, kids!

Another quarter has just started. There will be more work to do, more monitorings, more supervisions, more motivations, etc. But we will pass it all - in God's grace!

Thank you, Lord!

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