Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Joshua

It's October 11 and my son Joshua Miguel ("JM") is celebrating his 12th birthday. He wants to treat his classmates with some pizza.

While waiting for my orders, I created a poem for my son and it goes like this ...

On this special day
I sit back and recall
Your "coming-out-to-this-world" day
And the joy you've brought to all.

You are now twelve
The sensitive age "in-between"
Where you don't know what to believe
Are you still a child or now a "teen"?

No matter what you are
Whatever you may do
I'll be forever here
Your mother, your friend but never your foe!

As you celebrate your birthday
I wish you nothing but happiness
Enjoy this beautiful day
And remember that we love you and that you're the best!

At home, we celebrated his birthday with the whole family present. Though I was so tired with the preparations, I can see that he was happy! That made me even more happier!

Happy Birthday, JM!

1 comment:

  1. happy birthday JM!!

    and wow mommy... you really do write very good poems! :D


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