Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Naturally Good Person

One day, a little boy was celebrating his 4th birthday at his school. His classmates and teachers were all invited including his almost 3-year old brother.

He was so excited as one of the famous fast-food chain will be hosting his party. There were balloons, cake, mascot, party hosts and a lot of games and prizes!

One of the party game is "The Boat is Sinking (Group Yourselves into...)". As the game goes on, each of the member of the class is taken out one by one until there were only four kids left. Two members of the class, the birthday celebrant and his little brother.

The party host says, "The boat is sinking, group yourselves into TWO!" And the participants group each other into two: the two members of the class and the birthday celebrant and his brother.

Next, the party host says, "The boat is sinking, group yourselves into THREE!" The participants got confused! The two members of the class won't separate and they want their classmate (who is the celebrant) to join them. But the celebrant won't leave his little brother to join his classmates.

Everybody stand still...what could happen next? How could they have a winner if the 4 kids won't group themselves into 3? Who would be taken out of the game?

Suddenly, out-of-the-blue, something happened that made all jaws dropped!

The birthday celebrant took his brother's hand and led him to join his 2 other classmates to form a group of 3. He stepped back, clapped his hands as if announcing and confirming to everyone who the winners were!

The party host announced the winners and gave them their prizes. The celebrant received a prize as well from the party host!

He was only 4-years old and he made this little sacrifice for his brother. He was only 4-years old, yet he showed everyone the meaning of LOVE. He was only 4-years old and you can see the goodness in him. He was only 4-years old and he already made his parents proud!

I know, because I am. He is my eldest son! His name is JOSHUA MIGUEL TAN! And he is celebrating his 12th birthday on the October 11. This is my tribute to him. For being a good son, for being a naturally good person!


JM then...

And JM now...

during their Graduation Ball

with his guitar coach


  1. katouch nman un story, he's really a good bro.


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