Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Fave Five # 3

This week has been the busiest yet exciting so far.

1. My JM's 12th birthday. Monday was his birthday. He wanted to treat his classmates some pizza. After bringing them to school, I had to order pizza (good its open 24 hours). I attended the morning mass at Don Bosco Church first before going to the pizza parlor! I know my son is excited to treat his classmates. I'm happy we had the means to make him happy! Thank you, Lord!

2. 2nd Quarterly Test. This week is the second quarterly tests of my kids. We're all busy studying and making reviewers. I'm so glad and thankful that my two sons are now big enough to do the studying with little supervision. I only have my 7-years old to think about.

3. My birthday! Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't plan for anything special. I started the day by attending the morning mass with my husband. My girl friends and I (together with our kids) ate out and had a good chat! Our kids also had a good time. I also received many greetings from relatives and friends thru the net. The day ended up with a sumptuous dinner with the whole family: My husband, my kids, my sisters, my nephew and my mother! I also got a book and an orchid! THANKFUL and LOVED, that's how I felt!!! Thank you, Lord!

4. Achievement Holiday! After the four-day exams at my son's school, they had a no-class day or an achievement holiday. No class means the kids and I will just stay home! Its "our" holiday - our rest day!!! Thank you, Lord!

5. My mother-in-law is back. She's back from her visit to her daughter in Canada. My kids misses her and were due to visit her this weekend. Thank God, she had a safe journey!

So many things to be grateful about sometimes we just forget to say "thank you"!


  1. Happy Birthday to both you and your son! Pizza for his class sounds like a great way to celebrate. And your day sounds just perfect. Enjoy your book.

    Hope your mom in law enjoyed my beautiful country of Canada on her visit.

  2. You've had a week of birthdays an holidays - how wonderful! Hope you have a great week ahead.


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