Friday, October 15, 2010

Mommy Moments - Blowing Bubbles

mommy moments

I remember how my kids went crazy when they see bubbles around. They just wouldn't stop catching each bubble.

Now that my two kids are on their pre-teen age, they still go crazy but can manage to calm down a bit. They just let their little brother enjoy and run after the bubbles. I just have to catch that moment with my little "Phoebo" enjoying the bubbles because I fail to take photo of him doing that. (It's gonna be my assignment)

Happy weekends!


  1. i see on their first pic, they look like they're getting ready to chase bubbles. see who will catch the most ba?

    happy mommy moments!

  2. bubble really sets off a happy moments, no matter what age. I still get excited over bubbles :)

  3. wow kaya pla medyo iba ang color ng pics...malalaki n pla sila? ;P here's mine -

  4. Kids grow up so fast, which reminds me, we should always be armed with our camera to capture their most precious moments. Happy Mommy Moments, Mommy! I hope you can visit my entry, too!

  5. wow, buti you were able to share this old photo with us :D happy mommy moments.


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