Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leisure Time Sunday

We attended an anticipated Sunday mass to watch and listen to the Loboc Children Choir of Bohol.  It is also a part of the week-long celebration of the feast of Saint John Bosco.  

That leaves us a lot of time for Sunday...

We head on to the nearest mall to fulfill our promise to our "bunso" (youngest child).

On our way, we looked in awe with this wonderful site...

which stayed on until we reached our destination.

After we got the things they need for their school's foundation day, we finally got our "bunso" his much desired Beyblade Set.

He's soooo much pleased with it!

Then at dinner, we tried the Adobo Connection Restaurant since we all loved eating adobo.
(Adobo, a signature dish of the Philippines)

I ordered for this while my eldest son ordered for "Kuya's Fried Adobo", the two kids got "Adobo Flakes" and hubby tried the "Adobo sa Gata".  It was such a sumptuous dinner experience.  But asked the kids which kind of adobo they liked the most - its MY OWN adobo, of course! :-)

For dessert, we went to Dairy Queen.  I had "Cappuccino MooLatte", the kids got themselves the famous "Blizzard" served upside down, of course.  They ordered for "Mud-Pie" and "Oreo" flavor.

I'm so happy with our leisure time this Sunday.

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  1. Nice Sunday escapade! Family time is always awesome! I super love that subject you've taken up in the sky, too! :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  2. I really miss the pinoy mass back home. looks like you guys had a blast shopping. visiting from BPC

  3. What a fun day! Seems like you had a great time together.


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