Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy Moments - New Achievements

mommy moments

Last friday is "card-giving day" in my sons' school. I got there a little late because the boys wanted to hang around for awhile before I get their report cards from their respective teachers.

As expected, all my three boys got a "Conduct Award" each. They've had it since the first quarter. I'm just so proud of them.

As for Kevin, my second child, he is working to get a "General Scholastic Award" which the highest academic award given by the school. He set this goal himself and this last quarter is very crucial for him. We just have to make sure that he has our full support.

JM, my eldest, got the newest achievement! He's got the "Academic Excellent Award" for the third quarter and he's done it on his own effort! The way he surprise me with his award also touches me (as most parents will feel). I arrived at their school at around 5:00pm and I went straight ahead to my youngest son's classroom to get his report card. JM got their also and waited until I finished talking with Phoebo's teacher. Afterwards we, JM, Phoebo and me, went to Kevin's classroom to see his adviser. On the way, we met JM's former adviser and she asked about JM's performance. I just said he is still a Conduct Awardee and his former adviser agrees. JM didn't say anything about his other awards. After my talk with Kevin's adviser, it's time to go to JM's. All this time, JM is with me and I just thought maybe his friends has already left the school that's why he's hanging out with me. As I enter his classroom, I sit for awhile since his adviser is still talking with some parents, I have to wait for my turn. I usually go to their bulletin board to read what's posted but that time I just sit back on the chair and wait. While sitting there waiting I look around and started to read their bulletin board. I read the names of the Conduct Awardees and I saw JM's name there. Well, I was expecting it already. Then, I read the the names of the Academic Achievers. It was just a short list, less than ten names were there. To my surprise, I saw my son's name! I was so happy! I said he knew all along but why not tell me firsthand. He said, he wanted to surprise me! And he did!

Good work sons! Keep it up! Mama and Papa is just so proud of you!


  1. Wow! your kids are genius! I have three boys too and I could not ask for more :P

  2. congrats to the, you must be very proud...

  3. wow Divine! you are so blessed to have great kids! :D

  4. well done, boys. making ur momma proud! these are the things that really makes our heart melt:)

    visiting from MM post

  5. congrats mommy for such wonderful kids...just followed you :)

  6. wow! congratulations for having smart kids!


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